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Oval Black Marble Soap Dish


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Elevate Your Bathroom & Extend Soap Life with Our Oval Black Marble Soap Dish
This stunning oval soap dish, crafted from natural black marble, adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom while promoting sustainability. Here at Refillability, we love refillable soaps, but they can get mushy if they sit in water. The integrated drainage holes in this dish allow your soap to dry properly, lasting longer and reducing waste.

Key Features:

Natural Beauty:
Black marble adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor.
Extends Soap Life: Drainage holes prevent water buildup, keeping your soap firm and lasting longer.
Sustainable Choice: Contributes to a zero-waste bathroom by reducing soap scum and the need for frequent replacements.
Versatile Design: The oval shape and classic black color complement a variety of bathroom styles.

Perfect for refillable bar soaps and shampoo bars!

Made from natural stone, each dish is unique in its veining and colour.

Refillability Tip: Pair this soap dish with our selection of refillable bar soaps for a luxurious and sustainable bathroom experience!

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