Reusable Compostable Yellow Dish Cloth


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Ditch the Plastic, Embrace Sustainability: Biodegradable Kitchen Sponge Cloths

These ultra-absorbent, plant-based dish cloths are your secret weapon for a sparkling clean kitchen, minus the plastic waste. Made in the UK, they’re the perfect eco-friendly swap for disposable sponges and cloths.

Here’s why you’ll love them:

Biodegradable & Compostable: Made from renewable resources like cotton and wood pulp, these cloths break down naturally at the end of their life.
Super Absorbent: Soak up spills and messes with ease. They hold a whopping 10 times their weight in water!
Reusable & Sustainable: Machine washable and built to last, reducing waste and saving you money. ♻️
Hygienic & Gentle: Safe for all surfaces, non-abrasive, and lint-free.
Made in the UK: Supporting local production with a lower carbon footprint.

These cloths are perfect for:

Cleaning dishes
Wiping down countertops
Absorbing spills
General household cleaning

Available in a convenient 18cm x 20cm size.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with dish soap or machine wash on cold (30°C).
For tough stains, soak in cold water.
Hang dry – skip the tumble dryer.

Make the sustainable switch today and add Refillability Biodegradable Kitchen Sponge Cloths to your cart!




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