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Petitgrain & Rosewood Essential Oil Reed Diffuser


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Refillability Petitgrain & Rosewood Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Relax, soothe, and stimulate your senses with this beautiful and classic Petitgrain & Rosewood Essential Oil Reed Diffuser, handcrafted in Sheffield, England by Ancient Wisdom.

Combine the sweet, citrusy notes of Petitgrain essential oil with the mild-spicy floral fragrance of Rosewood essential oil to create a positive and inviting atmosphere in any home or workspace.

This eco-friendly diffuser uses natural essential oils
(in a special mineral oil base) to gently fill your room with a long-lasting, truly aromatic fragrance. The aroma rises slowly and delicately along the rattan reeds.

Simple to use:

Open the special lid and remove the plug (keep the lid for safekeeping).
Place the Indonesian rattan sticks into the diffuser neck.
For a stronger fragrance, you can occasionally flip the reeds to expose the oil-soaked ends.


Avoid eye contact.
Keep away from children and pets.
Follow usage instructions carefully.
Place away from painted or polished surfaces.
Keep away from heat, flames, and ignition sources.
Wash hands after use.

Embark on an aromatic adventure and transform your space today!

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