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Eco Baby and Me Snap in Super Booster: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Solution for Parents

For parents who prioritise their child’s well-being and the environment, the Eco Baby and Me Snap in Super Booster stands as the perfect answer. This ground breaking nappy booster elevates the performance of your baby’s cloth nappies, boosting their absorbency, comfort, and reliability.

Crafted with Care: Sustainable Materials for Your Little One

With devotion and meticulousness, the Eco Baby and Me Super Booster is fashioned from premium sustainable materials. The booster boasts numerous layers of bamboo, renowned for its exceptional absorbent qualities, softness, and antibacterial traits. Not only is the bamboo fabric gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin, but it also actively prevents rashes and irritations.

Customisable Wet Zones for Every Baby

This innovative booster allows you to tailor the wet zones to meet your baby’s specific needs, catering to boys, front sleepers, and girls alike.

For Boys and Front Sleepers: Targeted Comfort and Leak Protection

For boys and front sleepers snap the top snap into the back of the nappy shell and the middle snap into the front of the nappy shell and fold the required layers where needed.   This considerate design ensures the utmost comfort and leak prevention for your precious little one.

For Girls: Tailored Coverage and Absorption

For girls, the setup is slightly different. Snap the top snap into the front of the nappy shell and the middle snap into the back of the nappy shell and fold the required layers needed. This arrangement guarantees customised coverage and efficient absorption for your baby girl.

Seamless Integration: The All in Two (AI2) Nappy System

Thoughtfully designed to seamlessly merge with Eco Baby and Me wraps, our Snap in Super Booster creates an authentic All in Two (AI2) nappy system. Effortlessly snap the booster into the wraps, relishing the benefits of a comprehensive and trustworthy solution.

Elevate Your Eco-Friendly Parenting Journey

Invest in the Eco Baby and Me All in Two Nappy Snap in Super Booster for the ultimate fusion of eco-consciousness, convenience, and comfort. Empower your baby with the finest start in life through this premium, sustainable solution that nurtures both your baby’s well-being and the planet.

Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Performance

To ensure lasting performance, follow these care instructions:

  • Wash at 40 or 60 degrees
  • Avoid using bleach or softeners
  • Opt for line drying or a clothes airier
  • If using a tumble dryer, choose a low heat setting

Note: It might take up to 10 washes for the booster to reach its full absorbency potential.

Pack Size

1 Pack, 2 Pack


Eco Baby and Me


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