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Refillability’s Loose Mixed Spice: Unleash Aromatic Possibilities, Embrace Sustainability

Ditch the waste and embrace the flavour with Refillability’s Loose Mixed Spice! This exquisite blend of aromatic spices, available entirely packaging-free, is your kitchen’s secret weapon to creating culinary masterpieces.

A Symphony of Flavours:

Our Mixed Spice is a carefully curated blend of the finest whole spices, including warming cinnamon, pungent cloves, earthy coriander, and a touch of fiery nutmeg. When ground and added to your cooking, these spices release a captivating symphony of aromas, instantly transforming your dishes.

Beyond the Curry:

While Mixed Spice is a cornerstone of curries and stews, its versatility knows no bounds. Use it to elevate the flavour profile of roasted vegetables, lentil soups, and even sweet treats like apple crumble. It adds a touch of warmth to marinades for grilled meats, creates a delightful depth in tomato-based sauces, and can even be sprinkled into hot chocolate for a unique wintery twist.

Refill, Reduce, Reimagine:

We’re passionate about providing high-quality ingredients while minimising environmental impact. That’s why our Mixed Spice is available entirely packaging-free.

Here’s how it works:

In-store: Bring your own clean, dry container of any size, and fill it up with the amount you need. No more single-use packaging, just pure flavour!
Online Orders & Click and Collect: While online orders can’t be filled directly into your container, we prioritise responsible packaging. Your Mixed Spice will arrive in a fully recyclable paper bag, ensuring your spices reach you safely without creating unnecessary waste.

By choosing Refillability’s Loose Mixed Spice, you’re not just making a delicious choice, you’re making a sustainable one. Reduce waste, unleash culinary creativity, and experience the joy of refilling with every aromatic purchase!


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