Rustic Blooms and Rabbit Card D13


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Brighten someone’s day with the beauty of nature and the sweetness of a playful rabbit using our charming Rustic Blooms Greetings Card. This enchanting card captures serenity and joy by combining a picturesque rustic plant pot filled with vibrant flowers and a cute rabbit.

The card’s front showcases a beautifully rustic plant pot illustration exuding old-world charm. Its weathered texture and earthy colours evoke nostalgia and tranquility. Within the pot, a variety of blooming flowers display nature’s vitality.

Adding life to this greeting card is the adorable rabbit beside the pot, bringing playfulness and delight. The rabbit, seemingly enchanted by the flowers, creates a heart warming scene bound to elicit smiles.

Whether conveying warm wishes, congratulations, or love, the card’s premium-quality print on durable cardstock provides a luxurious feel.

For birthdays, gratitude, or simply showing you care, choose the Rustic Blooms Greetings Card. Its rustic charm, vibrant blossoms, and adorable rabbit offer a unique way to spread joy. Share nature’s beauty and unexpected delight with our Rustic Blooms Greetings Card, and bring smiles to loved ones’ faces.


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