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Dream Big with Shabby Chic Wooden Letters from Refillability

Bring a touch of vintage charm and endless possibilities to your home with our handcrafted Shabby Chic Wooden Letters spelling out “DREAM”

These delightful individual letters, made from sustainable mango wood, are hand-rubbed for a beautiful white-wash finish that exudes rustic elegance. Each piece is approximately 15 cm tall, making them perfect for creating personalized messages, spelling out names, or simply adding a touch of inspiration to any room.

Here’s why you’ll love our Shabby Chic Wooden Letters:

Handcrafted for Uniqueness: Every letter is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, ensuring slight variations that add to their individual character and charm.
Sustainable Beauty: Made from fast-growing and eco-friendly mango wood, these letters are a beautiful choice for the environmentally conscious decorator.
Versatility Abounds: Spell out “DREAM” for a touch of inspiration, use the individual letters for personalized messages, or create names and monograms.
Gift with Heart: A perfect present for christenings, weddings, birthdays, or simply to show someone you care.

These Shabby Chic Wooden Letters are ideal for:

Children’s Bedrooms:
Create a whimsical and inspiring atmosphere.
Living Rooms: Add a touch of vintage charm and a reminder to chase your dreams.
Entryways: Welcome guests with a warm and inviting message.


Height: Approx 14.5-15cm
Length: 1.5-2cm
Width: Approx 9-13.5cm

Order your Shabby Chic Wooden Letters today and start spelling out your dreams!

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