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The Good Soap Coconut Milk and Honey Shampoo/Soap Bar


Nourish and Cleanse with The Good Soap’s Coconut Milk & Honey Shampoo/Soap Bar

Looking for a gentle, all-natural way to cleanse your hair and body? Look no further than this versatile bar. It offers a luxurious lather that nourishes and cleanses without stripping your skin or hair of its natural oils.

Made with Sustainable Goodness:

Creamy Coconut Milk: Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, coconut milk gently cleanses while promoting healthy hair growth. It also soothes irritation and adds a touch of natural shine.
Soothing Honey: A natural humectant, honey draws moisture to the skin and hair, leaving them feeling soft and hydrated. Honey’s antibacterial properties also help keep your scalp healthy.
Sustainable Commitment: The Good Soap prioritises eco-friendly practices. This shampoo/soap bar is packaged in minimal, recyclable materials, and helps reduce plastic waste.

Suitable for All Skin and Hair Types:

The gentle formula of this Bar makes it ideal for all skin and hair types, even those with sensitive scalps or dry skin. It’s a perfect choice for the whole family!

Experience the Refillability Difference:

Refillability is passionate about reducing single-use plastics in the bathroom. This Bar is designed to be a minimal-waste bar, allowing you to enjoy your favourite cleanser for longer while minimising your environmental impact.

Join the Refillability movement and switch to The Good Soap’s Coconut Milk & Honey Shampoo/Soap Bar for a gentle, sustainable clean you can feel good about!


The Good Soap


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